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Below you will find  some short articles of  common issues  that come up in therapy. This will help to decide if therapy is the right treatment for you. 

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‘The fear of letting others down’

Thursday, April 28th 2022

Have you ever felt ‘the fear of letting others down’, well you wouldn't be the only one, it is actually quite a  common fear that patients discuss in their therapy journey. In exploring this fear with a patient helps to bring insights and understanding on how their  fear started in the first place.


The fear of letting others down can control how we make decisions and behave in everyday life. Patients often report high levels of anxiety when they are experiencing the thought of letting others down to the extent  they feel the knots in their  stomach, the mind racing, the back is hunched  and an overall stiffness of the body. 


Moreover, the fear of letting other people down can lead the person putting other people's needs before their own needs . Overtime it can become a rule that you start living by "I can’t let other people down". This in turn becomes a vicious cycle and as you can imagine it is hard to let go off as it has become conditioned. However once you gain awareness of this you have a fighting chance to change and ask the question what are my needs. This would of course  take time and effort but it can be life changing and significantly help your psychological wellbeing.


The fear of letting other people down can be due to various reasons, for instance it could be due to  childhood experiences  of how you were parented for example being put down ' you never get anything right' and 'your always disappointing me'. Can you imagine what this does to the child's confidence and self esteem! Over time these types of statements become very entrenched in the child/adolescents mind in which as adults we learn that we must put other people's needs over ours.


Therapy can help to bring insight and address these issues. You can gain your confidence and self esteem as well as learn new tools and techniques to overcome this fear. 


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