Career and Experience in the field of Mental Health 


 I  provide Psychological therapy to patient’s diagnosed with cancer. I support patient's to better manage their feelings of depression and anxiety. The sessions are a space for reflection and supporting the patient to feel more in control as well as to improve their quality of life.  Some of the common mental health issues include is the fear that the cancer will come back, anxiety, stress, worry and panic attacks, how to support a loved one with cancer and the affect it can take on the career and Interpersonal issues.


I provide individual therapy, to help improve the quality of life for corporate clients presenting with various mental health issues.  The clients refer themselves into the service and are from the banking, finance, accountancy, technology and law firms which includes Google, Bank of America, Premier league and others. The clients often present with complex depression and disabling anxiety in addition to trauma, childhood issues and life experiences  in which I tailor the type of therapy that would be most useful for them. 


I have supported the National Crime Agency’s workforce as part of the Psychological well-being team. I provide a containing and trusting environment allowing the officers to feel safe in exploring the affect their work has had upon their well-being.

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This was a specialist role in providing psychological therapy to clients in the probation service.  My role included providing clinical supervision, therapy, line management and service development. 

I had supervised and managed the workloads of several assistant psychologists who provided specific psychological interventions to vulnerable clients.  I provided the assistant psychologists weekly clinical supervision in delivering the psychological interventions.


This was a specialist service for adults with ADHD and ASD. The main role was to provide individual and group CBT for clients presenting with psychological distress. The client had various psychological issues that affected their emotional wellbeing due to their ADHD/ASD, therefore psychological intervention was used to help reduce clients distress and use better coping mechanisms in conjunction with their pharmacological treatment. 


My role was to provide psychological therapy to clients who suffered with severe and enduring mental health issues. My experience in this role included working with a wide range of clients who were diagnosed with personality disorders, had substance misuse issues and forensic backgrounds.  I had co-created a group for clients for substance misuse, which was an 8-week psycho-educational and therapeutic program for their recovery.