What is an addiction support group 

A space with to talk openly and frankly about your addiction with others who have had similar experiences .  The group is a social support system to help each other  in developing healther coping skills, motivation, reduce feelings of depression, shame and guilt, increase psychological resilience and share your story. 

What are the boundaries of the group

1. Respect for oneself and others at all times. What is spoken in the group stays in the group. People in the group will share sensitive stories and experience  and therefore keeping this safe  is vital in order for everyone to feel safe to share.

2. You can share as much or as little as you like. It may take some time to open up and that will be respected. However it is important to note that the more you put into the group the more you will get out of it.

3. Confidentiality is paramount  in order to keep everyone safe 

4. Any Risk issues identified will need to be addressed and if needed to the psychologist will have the right to break the group member's confidentiality for safeguarding issues. 

5. No recording or taking pictures 

6. anyone under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs will NOT be allowed to take part. 

7. Please make sure you are in a confidential space to talk.  

What to expect from the group 

Initially we will start the group with Introduction, going through the boundaries and confidentiality and making sure everyone agrees with the terms and condition. 

We will also discuss what the group members would like from the group and what will make them feel safe to share in the group. 

Structure  of the group

The group consists of 5 people  who share their concerns and experience. The group will be facilitated by a psychologist who will keep the boundaries of the group. The group will be:

every Thursday at 6 pm for 1 hour and conducted virtually through Zoom. 

The group will initially run for one month with a peer review to discuss on whether to continue. Each group session fee is £40. 

Who be a group member 

The group will be either for those who are addicted  to drugs or alcohol. All participants must be over 18 yrs of age.